iOS 8 Release Day

iOS 8 was released today at 6pm UK time.. I was so excited as usual, but obviously it had to take 3 hours to install!
There was a lot of complaints on twitter about how the update is so big that people were having to delete almost everything on their phones in order to make room for it, but then I saw on tumblr that someone said if you plug your phone into your computer and update it through iTunes, then it doesn't actually take up any space, so that's what I did. It still took 3 hours to install, but considering it originally said 9 hours to start off with, it's not that bad.

The first thing I noticed on my phone was the performance, everything was pretty much instant, swiping, opening and switching between apps.. I have an iPhone 5S which I've had for almost 3 months so it was never really slow anyway, but as soon as I updated it, it definitely ran a lot faster. The first new feature I was excited to try out was the Tap to Talk messaging..where you can open up a new message, tap on this little microphone and hold it down to talk and let go and send it as an audio message. I really like this feature and I will mostly be using it to annoy my dad and my brother...
I also noticed some new improvements to the App store, such as, there is now a section called Bundles, which is where if an app developer has made a few apps you would usually buy individually, you can now by them all together as a bundle for a cheaper price.. For example, Diptic, who make photo editing apps, have a collection of apps that you can buy for 69p, but if you bought them separately it would cost £1.99, so I think that's a cool feature they've added. They also now have video previews, so when you're checking out an app on the store, where you would normally look at the screenshot previews, you can now also watch videos of the app in use, or gameplay footage if it's a game. Finally, I also noticed the Timelapse feature on the camera! I love timelapses so I can't wait to use it and see how it compares to Instagram's Hyperlapse app. That's just a few of the new features on iOS 8 that I'm excited about for now but obviously there's loads more too.. My overall impression is that it's a nice update, haven't come across any problems with it, it's kinda slow on my iPad 2 but that is 3 years old though so I'm just surprised that Apple are even still supporting it!