TV Junkie: Family Guy Season 13 Premiere!

I have been looking forward to the new season of Family Guy for 2 reasons. 1 being I love Family Guy so I can't wait for the new season, and the 2nd reason being the long awaited Family

YouTube Trailer of the Week 29/09/14

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about my new idea to change up the trailer that automatically plays when people visit my channel.

YouTube Ideas

I was just browsing YouTube and I had a look at my own channel and got an idea. Basically, I don't upload videos regularly or have any 'schedule' for my channel or anything,

TV Junkie: Modern Family Season 6 Premiere!

Modern Family is back and I love it! I've only recently got addicted to this show, thanks to Netflix, but  I watched the first 5 seasons all this year so I was all caught up and ready for season 6!

App Addict: I love Flickr!

I just wanted to make a blog post talking about how much I love Flickr's App! I used to use Flickr online a few years ago but I ended up leaving because I hated the website.

iOS 8 Timelapse Test

One of the new features on iOS 8 is Timelapse on the camera, so today I tested it with my iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out yesterday so me and my dad went down to the Apple Store today to check them out..

iOS 8 Release Day

iOS 8 was released today at 6pm UK time.. I was so excited as usual, but obviously it had to take 3 hours to install!

Apple Live Event!

I am a bit of an Apple fan so like everyone else, I sat down on September 9th with my brother, to watch the live stream for the unveiling of the new iPhones and Apple Watch.