Apple iPhone Keynote!

This is a blog post I've been really excited to write because I'm a massive Apple geek! This post is going to be a recap and my thoughts about all the new stuff Apple announced today at their keynote. So the event was at 10am San Francisco time, which was 6pm UK time! Unlike the last keynote back in June, Apple decided for whatever reason that they weren't going to stream it live, so unfortunately I couldn't watch the actual keynote live. However, a guy on YouTube I'm subscribed to did a live web chat where he was talking about the event as it was happening and posted pictures in real time, after the event was finished though.Apple have now put the full keynote on their website so I was able to watch it there eventually.

 So anyway, the keynote. I made some notes while watching it about everything that was shown. Tim Cook started the event by talking about the iTunes Festival and how successful it was, he showed a video about it and talked about how they are streaming it to over 100 countries and had 20million people apply for the tickets. Next they spoke about the retail side of things, they showed the old Apple store in Stamford and then showed the brand new store which is 8 times the size and very nice looking! Then finally, they got into the fun stuff - iOS7, iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. So, starting with iOS7, Apple basically recapped everything that they spoke about when they announced it for the first time in June, obviously they've made a few beta's since then so it was a lot more polished and tweaked and ready for release. They announced the release date for September 18th 2013, a week tomorrow. I'm really excited to get iOS7, I'm looking forward to the change and I'm also looking forward to playing with all the new features. They also announced that with iOS7, only on NEW IOS DEVICES, all of the iWork apps will be completely free, which is really cool but also really annoying for those of us who already have the apps haha! 

 iPhone 5c - so the first thing that you will notice about this new phone is the colours. The iPhone 5c comes in 5 different colours - pink, yellow, blue, green and white. The backs of them are completely plastic and they have no seams or stitching around the edges so it is completely smooth. They also have colour matching wallpapers. So for example, if you get the blue phone, it'll have a blue wallpaper, or if you get the green phone, it'll have a green wallpaper etc. I really like this idea, it looks really nice! I'm not going to go into too much detail about the technical specs but just a brief overview - it comes with an A6 chip, 4 inch retina display, bigger battery, 8MP iSight camera, a new HD front facing camera for FaceTime and of course it comes with iOS7. Another thing they announced was the cases. They are bringing out a load of new cases for the iPhone 5c made out of a soft silicone with the inside coated with polyurethane. The bottom of the case has some holes so that you can see the colour of the iPhone 5c, through the case to create a polka dot style pattern of the two colours. I'm not a fan of this new case. I just really don't like the way it looks, I think the coloured iPhones are nice on their own. However, I feel like younger people will like the cases more so I'm sure Apple will sell loads! 

 iPhone 5s - so the first thing you notice about this new phone is that it too has introduced some new colour. There is a new gold/champagne iPhone. I'm not a fan of this either but I'm sure some people will. The new iPhone 5s has some really nice new features, nothing I thought was particularly amazing or mindblowing, but still awesome nonetheless. It has an A7 chip which is 64 bit. Something that hasn't been done before. Games play and load 5 times faster and developers are capable of adding up to 4 times more detail without losing any processing or rendering power. As well as an A7 chip, it has a new chip called M7, which uses motion to detect when your walking, running, driving etc, this is going to allow app developers to create some brand new health and fitness apps. The camera was the coolest part about this new phone in my opinion. They have increased the aperture to f2.2 to allow more light into the iris, it will now automatically autofocus, white balance and adjust to skin tone and exposure. It can prevent blurry shots by taking multiple pictures and combining the best parts of each image to create the best, most stabilised shot. It now has a new flash, it's a 2 coloured LED light, white and amber, and the camera will decided which one to use depending on the lighting in the room and the colour of the skin (if your shooting a person), so you're going to get a more genuine representation of the colour in the photo in an instant. You can now also do burst mode, which is cool for if your taking a picture of movement, you can select burst mode and it will take up to 10 shots in the space of 2 seconds and you can choose the best picture. Another awesome thing that's been added to the camera is slow motion, you can now record 1080p video at 120fps, resulting in some amazing slow motion footage, or you can shoot a video at normal speed and then afterwards choose which part of the video you want in slow motion, creating a really awesome effect, it'll be really cool for sharing videos! 

Finally! Apple introduced Touch ID. This is a new privacy setting they have created for the iPhone. You simply press your thumb on the middle/home button (which doesn't have a square on it anymore!) and it will scan your thumb and recognise it. You can also do this while making purchases on the iTunes or App Store instead of typing your password every single time, which I think is pretty cool. Both of the new iPhones will be available to preorder on the 13th September 2013 and available for purchase on the 20th September 2013.
So that was everything in a nutshell what happened today at the Apple iPhone Keynote Event. Elvis Costello wrapped up the event by playing a couple of songs.. I preferred the Foo Fighters last year though :)

Overall, I wasn't completely amazed by anything shown today but I wasn't exactly disappointed either. It's underwhelming because everything is leaked nowadays so much so nothing comes as a surprise because you already know what their going to be showing. I am excited for iOS7, I think it's going to be awesome and will definitely be a huge shock to iPhone users who don't follow keynotes and stuff. The iPhone 5c is pretty cool, again, I'm not amazed, I was shocked when they said its replacing the iPhone 5..I'd rather have an iPhone 5 haha. The iPhone 5s is definitely a nice update to the iPhone, not so crazy about the gold colour, I still prefer the iPhone 4 and 4s style of iPhone, just plain white or plain black all over haha. I'm not getting either of the new phones, my iPhone 4S is going strong and I don't want to replace it! If I had to choose between the two, I'd get the 5s simply because spec wise it's a lot faster and also the camera is really cool and I use my iPhone camera all the time.