Film Review: The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring - Thoughts

It's just coming up to 2.30am and I have just finished watching The Bling Ring, by Sofia Coppola. In all honesty, the only reason I watched this film was because I'm a huge fun of Emma Watson.

Apple iPhone Keynote!

This is a blog post I've been really excited to write because I'm a massive Apple geek! This post is going to be a recap and my thoughts about all the new stuff Apple announced today at their keynote. So the event was at 10am San Francisco time, which was 6pm UK time! Unlike the last keynote back in June, Apple decided for whatever reason that they weren't going to stream it live, so unfortunately I couldn't watch the actual keynote live. However, a guy on YouTube I'm subscribed to did a live web chat where he was talking about the event as it was happening and posted pictures in real time, after the event was finished though.Apple have now put the full keynote on their website so I was able to watch it there eventually.

Film Review: Oblivion

I watched Oblivion tonight for the first time. I watched Tom Cruise being interviewed on the Graham Norton show about this film but I never really knew much about the story.

Film Review: Jurrasic Park IMAX 3D!

So Odeon are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jurrasic Park, by releasing it back into the cinemas at IMAX 3D. It's only a limited time only, I'm not exactly sure how long their going to keep showing