Film Review: We Are The Millers

I watched this film last night and it was so funny. This film has a lot of really good comedy actors, such as; Jason Sudekis and Ed Helms. Basically, the plot of this film is that Jason Sudekis is a drug
dealer who needs money and manages to land a job smuggling drugs from Mexico. He doesn't want to do this alone so he turns to some people that live in his apartment building to ask them to pretend to be his family. To be honest, I enjoyed this film a lot more than I thought I would. It was very action packed so there was never a shortage of comedy moments. I love Jennifer Aniston too and she is hilarious in this film.

This film got 7.2 on IMDB which I'm actually surprised by considering Elysium got 7.1. It's being generous I think but I don't think I'll disagree.