Film Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Me and my dad are both pretty big Apple fans, so leading up to the new jOBS film with Ashton Kutcher, we decided to watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. This film came out in 1999, so before the

iPod. It tells the two separate stories of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and eventually how they come to meet. I loved this film because it was funny, and both actors were amazing and so believable as both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The film is obviously based on true facts so it is really interesting to see how its played out on screen. At times, they break the fourth wall, coming out of the film and talking to the audience. Sometimes, this looks odd in film and doesn't always work, but in this film I think it works really well.

Like Elysium, this film also has 7.1 on IMDB which I'd agree with, or maybe even give 8/10.