Film Review: Elysium

Me and my dad went to see Elysium, the new Matt Damon film from the director of District 9. I was excited to watch this film because I really enjoyed District 9 and also Matt Damon is always good in
big action films. At the start of the film, the BBFC warning said "contains strong violence and bloody gore". So because of this, I was on edge the entire time because I was expecting something really gruesome to happen. Clearly I'd forgotten that the film is only rated 15, so the film isn't particularly gory for any squeamish people. The film was very fast paced and action filled so there was never a dull moment. If you've seen District 9, you'll remember the kind of humor in that film, there are few comic moments in Elysium that has the same style of humor. The ending was unexpected for me but overall the film was really enjoyable, it made for a good Saturday night watch :)

The film got 7.1 on IMDB which I think I'd agree with.