My 22nd Birthday!

It's my birthday on Thursday but since my dad is not going to be here for it, we went out today so we could celebrate early while everyones together. We were going to go to Nando's but the queue was crazy long so we went to a place called Rice instead which is really good :) When we got home, my dad asked if I wanted to open my presents so I said yes, I was very surprised and excited about the things I got so I had to share them, so starting in the order I opened's what I got for my 22nd birthday!

iPad Camera Connection Kit..To put photos from DSLR directly onto iPad

Lens Filters..Set of 4 that add effects onto the photo to improve the quality

Zoom Lens! 55-200mm..Insane amount of depth and stunning quality

iPad Mini!!!!! My new best friend. 16GB Wifi version