App Addict: Instavid?

Instagram added new video update!

Soooo Facebook recently announced that they were adding a video service to Instagram and today the update was released for everyone to download.

The update includes the new option to take a 15 second video and one of 13 new filters and then post it as you would a normal Instagram photo.

As you can see from my screenshot, when you launch Instagram, you know have 2 video buttons to choose from, the normal camera, and the new video camera. The little bar above is the 15 second timer that shows you how much filming time you have left once you've pressed record.

Obviously all this is a really cool idea, but already exists on the app Vine.. which does essentially the same thing only with 6 seconds filming time and no filters. But with the Instagram update does this mean the end of Vine? I saw a lot of people deleting their Vine accounts today because they weren't seeing the point of Vine anymore.

Personally, I'm going to keep my Vine account and keep my Instagram just for photos. I want to see what happens to Vine and what their comeback will be :)