GoPro: Driving Timelapse

GoPro timelapse of a drive to B&Q! Shot using GoPro Hero 3+ black edition, edited on Premiere Pro CS6 and music from iMovie.

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!

GoPro Hero 3+ Test

Test shooting my new GoPro Hero 3+. Shot at 1080p 30fps, edited on Premiere Pro CS6.

Sale Water Park

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For Christmas 2013, my brother and I got GoPro's so on Boxing Day we went out to Sale Water Park to check them out!

Film Review: The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring - Thoughts

It's just coming up to 2.30am and I have just finished watching The Bling Ring, by Sofia Coppola. In all honesty, the only reason I watched this film was because I'm a huge fun of Emma Watson.

Apple iPhone Keynote!

This is a blog post I've been really excited to write because I'm a massive Apple geek! This post is going to be a recap and my thoughts about all the new stuff Apple announced today at their keynote. So the event was at 10am San Francisco time, which was 6pm UK time! Unlike the last keynote back in June, Apple decided for whatever reason that they weren't going to stream it live, so unfortunately I couldn't watch the actual keynote live. However, a guy on YouTube I'm subscribed to did a live web chat where he was talking about the event as it was happening and posted pictures in real time, after the event was finished though.Apple have now put the full keynote on their website so I was able to watch it there eventually.

Film Review: Oblivion

I watched Oblivion tonight for the first time. I watched Tom Cruise being interviewed on the Graham Norton show about this film but I never really knew much about the story.

Film Review: Jurrasic Park IMAX 3D!

So Odeon are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jurrasic Park, by releasing it back into the cinemas at IMAX 3D. It's only a limited time only, I'm not exactly sure how long their going to keep showing

Film Review: We Are The Millers

I watched this film last night and it was so funny. This film has a lot of really good comedy actors, such as; Jason Sudekis and Ed Helms. Basically, the plot of this film is that Jason Sudekis is a drug

Film Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Me and my dad are both pretty big Apple fans, so leading up to the new jOBS film with Ashton Kutcher, we decided to watch Pirates of Silicon Valley. This film came out in 1999, so before the

Film Review: Elysium

Me and my dad went to see Elysium, the new Matt Damon film from the director of District 9. I was excited to watch this film because I really enjoyed District 9 and also Matt Damon is always good in

Salou Trip in Photos

Photos from our trip to Salou 4th - 8th August 2013


Family summer holiday to Salou, Spain.

In Photos: Salou

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Photos from our trip to Salou 4th - 8th August 2013

The Peak District

My 22nd Birthday!

It's my birthday on Thursday but since my dad is not going to be here for it, we went out today so we could celebrate early while everyones together. We were going to go to Nando's but the queue was crazy long so we went to a place called Rice instead which is really good :) When we got home, my dad asked if I wanted to open my presents so I said yes, I was very surprised and excited about the things I got so I had to share them, so starting in the order I opened's what I got for my 22nd birthday!

App Addict: Timehop

First pic I took with my new iPhone 24th June 2012

I have this app on my iPhone called Timehop and you connect all your social media accounts to it and every day it will go through and find a photo or status update of something you were doing on this

The Peak District Nature Walk

Second trip to the Peak District. This time we went on a nature walk around the Peak District Dam.

App Addict: Instavid?

Instagram added new video update!

Soooo Facebook recently announced that they were adding a video service to Instagram and today the update was released for everyone to download.

The Peak District

The Ladybower Reservoir in The Peak District, Derbyshire

App Addict: Mike Dirnt Instagram Reply!!

Really short post but I Just wanted to share that Mike Dirnt, bass player of my favourite band Green Day, replied to me on Instagram! :D I was so excited about this ;)

Green Day Live at London Emirates Stadium!

1st June 2013, 99 Revelations Tour


My grandparents house in Ghana, 17th - 24th April 2013.

In Photos: Ghana

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My grandparents house in Ghana, 17th - 24th April 2013.

Flying Over Amsterdam

Flying over Amsterdam.. Music by Landon Austin