Harry Potter Studio Tour!!

I am a massive Harry Potter fan, always have been, and on May 26th, I went, with my family, to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesdon.
This was actually my 2nd time going but the first with my family. For any fans of Harry Potter who haven't been, I would say it's a must! It's so amazing! They have basically taken the 2 sound stages the used to film in, and converted them into a giant museum of actual props, sets, costumes..everything you see here was actually used in the films!!  Also, if your not even that interested in Harry Potter but you do have an interest in filmmaking, then I would also recommend it because you get to see soo much behind the scenes stuff. For Harry Potter fans it's just so exciting and for filmmakers it's really inspiring! You really have to make the most of your visit here because there is soo much to see so take your time, don't rush..just enjoy everything there is to see!

 Here are a bunch of photos from the tour!

To see the full size photos click here!